Right from the start, Patrick Hett, the founder of KIMOCE, has his own vision, his aim is to transform technological innovation into competitive advantages. While the first vendors exclusively focus on the primary function of a company, i.e. buying and selling, KIMOCE focuses on human flows. That is to say, all the flows of events and services going along with any purchasing or selling process. The original idea guiding Patrick Hett is that the services known as “support” services must not represent a cost or a charge, but rather replace the human being at the heart of the system to generate added value that the organisation can use to serve its growth. Therefore, KIMOCE software range offers genuine companion tools for managers in charge of purchases, after-sales services, and facility management, who are fully “service” dedicated and place the internal or external customer at the core of the system.

That way, KIMOCE enhances the service culture by facilitating the teams’ life in compliance with human values.